XY-5 core drill is deep-hole drill machinery in exploration and development of geology,hydrology,metallur-gy.mine,oil,gas etc.The advantage of vertical-style hydraulic drill machinery is suited for drill of small or big dia-meter with diamond bit forvertical-hole or incline-hole.lt is perfect exploratorymachinery for deep-hole drill.

1、 主轴转速高,调速范围广。
2、 配有水刹车,下降钻具平稳安全,操作省力,刹带寿命长。
3、 采用湿式离合器,耐用,有制动装置,可迅速停车。
4、 钻机底座宽,重心低,钻进稳定性好°备有普通型和大通径两种回转器供客户选择。
5、 液压系统设专用阀口,可供配备拧管使用。
1 .Speed of vertical axis is fast and have wide tuning range.
2. Lifter with water brake is placidly and safely Oil-clutch with brake startss stablely.
3. Hydraulic control system have special valve for pipe-wrenching Machine.
4. Drill rig have a long cycle for hole-work easily. Vertical-axispath have big diameter for different drill orders.
5. Proper weight is easy to disassemble and transport.

主要参数 Specifications

钻杆直径/Rod diameter 普通型回转器/Common qyrator(mm) f50 f60
大通径回转器/Wide qyrator(mm) f89
转进深度/Drilling depth 1000-1500(m)
扭距/Torque 0.39-5.64(kN.M)
钻孔倾角/Obliquity 90°-80°
立轴转速Speed lE/Forward (r/min) 85,166,261,294, 355,577,906,1232
^/Reverse (r/min) 65,225
立轴最大起重量/Max.lifting capacity 135 (kN)
卷物单绳最大起重/Maxwinchcapacity (single rope) 40 (kN)
外形尺寸/Dimension ( LWH ) 3190*1495*2140 (mm)
主机重量/Weight 3500kQ
说备动力/Power unit 电动机/motor 55kw; 1470rpm
柴油机/diesel engine 80HP; 1500rpm