该系列钻机为机械传动,转盘回转,重心低、 传动平稳,坚固耐用、操作安全、密封性能好, 钻机布局合理、便于维修保养。该钻机可采用油缸液压搓扣,也可采用石油钻探拧卸钻具的工艺, 用锚头轮装置拧卸钻具。

主要用于水源、中浅层石油、天然气、煤层气、 地热等钻探。也可用于地质、矿井建设等其他工程钻孔。

TSJ series Drilling Rigs are mechanical transmission, turnplate rotation Drilling Rig. characterized by low center of gracity, smooth transmission of motion, reliable operation and perfect sealing.the structure of the drill is reasonable arranged and compact.and easy to maintain and repair etc, it adopts hydraulic oil cylinder to mechanical screw out drilling pipes,this will sace labout and ensure good drilling holes.it can also adopt other way to mechanical screw out drilling pipes, such as the technique used in petroleum xuplorating, that is to use the cat head.

It is mainly used for drilling underground water resource,shallow petroleum.natural gas. coal gas and geothermal.also for geological drilling.well drilling and other engineering drilling.

主要技术参数 Technical Specifications

钻孔深度(m)Drillmg Depth
φ89钻杆 φ114钻杆
φ89 Drill pipe φl14Dril PIPE
2000 1500
Opening Diameter of Rotary Table
转盘转速(正反)(r/min) RPMol Turnplate(CW CCW) 37 52 84 145
转盘辎出最大扭矩(kN.m) Max. NorminaJ torque out of 21
转盘最大搓扣扭矩(kN.m) Max. Thread Tightening Torqueof 86
钢丝绳直径(巾mm) Wire Diameter 24.5
卷扬机单绳最大提升力(kN) Hoistng Capacity of Windlass 90
卷扬机提升速度(按二层计算)(rWs) Lrft Speed of the Winch 0.34 1.90 3.3
离合参输入转速(「min) Input Speed of Clutching 730
DigsgI Engine Model
功率(KW)Poww 110
转速(r/min)Rotary Speed 1500
电动机型号Etectromc Power Model Y315S-4
功率 <KW)Power 110
转速(r/min)Rotary Speed 1480
游动系 St Travelling System 4xS
外形尺寸(LxWxH)(mm)Overall Dimensions 3880x1965x1290
主机匝量(不含动力)(Kg)Ne< Weight 7820